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Download standard MIB format if you are planning to load a MIB file into some system (OS, Zabbix, PRTG ...) or view it with a MIB browser. CSV is more suitable for analyzing and viewing OID' and other MIB objects in excel. JSON and YAML formats are usually used in programing even though some systems can use MIB in YAML format (like Logstash).
Keep in mind that standard MIB files can be successfully loaded by systems and programs only if all the required MIB's from the "Imports" section are already loaded.
The tree-like SNMP object navigator requires no explanations because it is very simple to use. And if you stumbled on this MIB from Google note that you can always go back to the home page if you need to perform another MIB or OID lookup.

Object Name OID Type Access Info
               inadssnmpAlarmMessage octet string no-access
The INADS-formated alarm string that contains information about an event. The string is a variable length record, which is always terminated with a space character. 0-9 Prefix and product ID 10 Space character 11-12 Day of the month 13 / character 14-15 Hour of day (00-23) 16 : character 17-18 Minute of alarm (00-59) 19 , character 20-22 Alarm type 23 | character 24-240 Up to 217 bytes of alarm information (last) Space character termination
               inadssnmpAlarmAck displaystring read-write
A response from Avaya's management application inadssnmpAlarmMessage sender describing whether the manager received the alarm and recognises it as valid. This string will contain: so 2 if the inadssnmpAlarmMessage is valid, or so 3 if the inadssnmpAlarmMessage is invalid
               inadssnmpAlarmTime displaystring no-access
A time tag or sequence number used to uniquely qualify inadssnmpAlarmMessage objects
The full structure used for product alarming
The full acknowledgment structure returned to the poduct in response to an alarm
The full structure used for product alarming with a set used for the acknowledgment.
The compliance statement for IP Office agents
Objects that are contained in the INADS notifications.
The notifications which indicate specific changes in the state of the IP Office system.