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Download standard MIB format if you are planning to load a MIB file into some system (OS, Zabbix, PRTG ...) or view it with a MIB browser. CSV is more suitable for analyzing and viewing OID' and other MIB objects in excel. JSON and YAML formats are usually used in programing even though some systems can use MIB in YAML format (like Logstash).
Keep in mind that standard MIB files can be successfully loaded by systems and programs only if all the required MIB's from the "Imports" section are already loaded.
The tree-like SNMP object navigator requires no explanations because it is very simple to use. And if you stumbled on this MIB from Google note that you can always go back to the home page if you need to perform another MIB or OID lookup.

Object Name OID Type Access Info
 ibmSystemPowerSupplyTable no-access
The IBMPSG_PowerSupply class represents an IBM managed Power Supply
     ibmSystemPowerSupplyEntry no-access
This class defines an entry for each IBMPSG_PowerSupply instance. Each instance of the IBMPSG_PowerSupply class contains status and descriptive information for each power supply recognized by the operating system.
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyKeyIndex string read-only
The index used by this table
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyDescription string read-only
A description of the power supply.
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyPNPDeviceID string read-only
The Plug and Play Device ID for this device.
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyStatusInfo uint16 read-only
The online status of the power supply. Other = 1 Unknown = 2 Enabled = 3 Disabled = 4 Not Applicable = 5
         ibmSystemPowerSupplySystemCreationClassName string read-only
The name of the class that was instantiated to create power supply objects. [IBMPSG_PowerSupply]
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyEventsEnabled boolean read-only
Status indicating if supply eventing is currently enabled. [True or False]
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyPollingInterval uint64 read-only
The frequency at which power supply status is checked. [ex: 10000 milliseconds]
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyEventAutoClearEnabled boolean read-only
Status stating if power supply events are configured to automatically clear. [True | False]
         ibmSystemPowerSupplyStatus string read-only
The online status of the power supply. [OK | Error]