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Object Name OID Type Access Info
This module provides a simple interface for IBM Features On Demnad Activation Key functions.
This is an SNMP notification of a change to an existing feature activation on an endpoint. Data in the notification payload describes the change.
                   ibmFodAction integer read-write
Target action for activation method. 1 - Install Activation Key 2 - Uninstall Activation Key 3 - Export Activation Key 4 - Inventory Installed Activation Keys Enumeration: 'installActivationKey': 1, 'exportActivationKey': 3, 'uninstallActivationKey': 2, 'inventoryInstalledActivationKeys': 4.
                   ibmFodIndex integer read-write
Activation key index to uninstall or export. This is only required for uninstall and export actions. This is also used to identify the key associated with alerts.
                   ibmFodFileUri octet string read-write
URI of where key file resides for install and where it should be placed for export or inventory. This is not used for uninstall action.
                   ibmFodStatus integer read-only
Return status of the last firmware activation method initiated through SNMP method. Valid return codes are: Code Action(s) Meaning 1 1,2,3,4 Success 2 1,2 Reboot Required 3 1 Firmware Version/Update Issue 4 1 Key Corrupt 5 1 Key Not Valid for Device 6 1,2,4 Key File Not Found 7 1,3,4 Failure to Communicate with File Server 8 1 Key Storage Full 9 3,4 TFTP/SFTP Server Storage Full 10 1,3,4 SFTP User/Password Authentication Failed 11 2,3 Invalid Index 12 1,3,4 Protocol Specified in URI Not Supported 13 1,2 Pre-Requisite Key Action Required 14 1,2,3,4 Action Still In Process/Busy 15 3,4 File Already Exists on Server 16 3,4 Permission Problem with Specified URI User Enumeration: 'keyFileNotPresent': 6, 'keyStoreFull': 8, 'communicationFailure': 7, 'success': 1, 'corruptKeyFile': 4, 'invalideKeyFileTarget': 5, 'userAuthenticationFailed': 10, 'fileAlreadyExists': 15, 'protocolNotSupported': 12, 'actionIncompleteDeviceBusy': 14, 'ftpServerFull': 9, 'invalidIndex': 11, 'rebootRequired': 2, 'preRequisiteKeyActionRequired': 13, 'permissionProblem': 16, 'versionMismatch': 3.
                   ibmFodKeyChangeTime dateandtime no-access
The date and time of the event described in this notification of activated function status change.
                   ibmFodKeyOldStatus integer no-access
The prior status of the activation key associated with this status change. Enumeration: 'keyFeatureRequiresHostReboot': 6, 'keyValid': 2, 'keyValidElsewhere': 4, 'keyInProcessOfValidation': 10, 'keyFeatureActive': 5, 'noPreviousStatus': 1, 'keyExpired': 8, 'keyInvalid': 3, 'keyUseLimitExceeded': 9, 'keyFeatureRequiresBMCReboot': 7.
                   ibmFodKeyNewStatus integer no-access
The new status of the activation key associated with this status change. Enumeration: 'keyFeatureRequiresHostReboot': 6, 'keyValid': 2, 'keyValidElsewhere': 4, 'keyInProcessOfValidation': 10, 'keyReplaced': 11, 'keyFeatureActive': 5, 'keyExpired': 8, 'keyInvalid': 3, 'keyFeatureRequiresBMCReboot': 7, 'keyUseLimitExceeded': 9, 'keyRemoved': 1.
                   ibmFodKeyUpdateData displaystring no-access
String containing constraint data. This is only used for ibmFodNewStatus value of keyReplaced (10). Otherwise, this string should be NULL.
The compliance statement for the IBM-FEATURE-ACTIVATION-MIB.
The group of mandatory objects for all implementations to be compliant.
The notification group required for compliance in alert semantics for feature activation implementations.