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Download standard MIB format if you are planning to load a MIB file into some system (OS, Zabbix, PRTG ...) or view it with a MIB browser. CSV is more suitable for analyzing and viewing OID' and other MIB objects in excel. JSON and YAML formats are usually used in programing even though some systems can use MIB in YAML format (like Logstash).
Keep in mind that standard MIB files can be successfully loaded by systems and programs only if all the required MIB's from the "Imports" section are already loaded.
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Object Name OID Type Access Info
This is a HP proprietary MIB module to describe the RIPng protocol.
A hpicfRipngIfStateChange notification signifies that there has been a change in the state of a RIPng interface.
A hpicfRipngIfConfigError notification signifies that a packet has been received on an interface from a router whose configuration parameters conflict with this router's configuration parameters.
A hpicfRipngIfRxBadPacket notification signifies that a RIPng packet that cannot be parsed has been received on this interface.
                 hpicfRipngGlobalRouteChanges counter32 read-only
The number of changes to the RIPng routing table, excluding the age refresh.
                 hpicfRipngGlobalQueries counter32 read-only
The number of responses received from other systems that are sent to the RIPng queries.
                 hpicfRipngAdminStatus integer read-write
The admin status of the RIPng routing protocol. Enumeration: 'enable': 1, 'disable': 2.
                 hpicfRipngDefaultMetric integer32 read-write
The default metric value for the routes that are redistributed by RIPng.
                 hpicfRipngDistance integer32 read-write
The administrative distance to associate with routes learned by RIPng. Routes with distances lower than the other peers in the network are preferred.
                 hpicfRipngUpdateTime unsigned32 read-write
This timer defines the interval between RIPng update messages.
                 hpicfRipngTimeoutTime unsigned32 read-write
This timer defines the route aging time. If no update message related to that route is received within this period, the metric of this route is set to 16 in the routing table.
                 hpicfRipngGarbageCollectTime unsigned32 read-write
The garbage-collect timer defines the time interval when the metric of a route is 16 to the time when it is deleted from the routing table.
                 hpicfRipngNotificationEnable octet string read-write
A four-octet string serving as a bit map for the trap events defined by the RIPng traps. This object is used to enable or disable specific RIPng traps where a 1 in the bit field represents enabled. The right-most bit (least significant) represents trap 0. Trap Name BitMap ---------------------------------------- RIPNG_IF_STATE_CHANGE 0x00001 RIPNG_INTF_CONFIG_ERROR 0x00002 RIPNG_INTF_RCV_BAD_PKT 0x00004 RIPNG_ALL_TRAPS 0x00008
             hpicfRipngIfConfTable no-access
A list of the interfaces that require separate configuration in RIPng.
                 hpicfRipngIfConfEntry no-access
A single routing domain in a single subnet.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfIndex interfaceindex no-access
The interface index of this RIPng interface. It corresponds to the interface index of the IPv6 interface on which RIPng is configured.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfInstId integer32 no-access
This will allow multiple instances of RIPng to run on the same device. Currently, only one instance is supported.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfMetric integer32 read-only
The RIPng metric for this interface.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfStatus rowstatus read-only
The row status variable for the hpicfRipngIfConf table.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfSrcAddressType inetaddresstype read-only
The address type for hpicfRipngIfConfSrcAddress. Only IPv6 addresses without a zone index value are accepted.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfSrcAddress inetaddress read-only
The link-local IPv6 address that this system will use as a source address on this interface.
                     hpicfRipngIfConfDoPoisonReverse truthvalue read-only
A flag indicating whether the router should perform poison reverse on this interface.
             hpicfRipngPeerTable no-access
A list of RIPng peers.
                 hpicfRipngPeerEntry no-access
Information regarding a single routing peer.
                     hpicfRipngPeerAddressType inetaddresstype no-access
The address type for hpicfRipngPeerAddress. Only IPv6 addresses without a zone index are expected.
                     hpicfRipngPeerAddress inetaddress no-access
The IPv6 address that the peer is using as its source address. On an unnumbered link, this IPv6 address might not be a member of any subnet on the system.
                     hpicfRipngPeerLastUpdate unsigned32 read-only
The value of sysUpTime when the most recent RIPng update was received from this peer.
                     hpicfRipngPeerRcvBadPackets counter32 read-only
The number of RIPng invalid response packets that are received from this peer.
                 hpicfRipngConfigErrorType integer no-access
Potential types of configuration conflicts. Used by hpicfRipngConfigError notifications. Enumeration: 'ownPkt': 5, 'badVersion': 1, 'badField': 4, 'badHop': 3, 'noError': 6, 'badIPtype': 2.
                 hpicfRipngPacketType integer no-access
RIPng packet types. Enumeration: 'nullPacket': 3, 'request': 1, 'response': 2.
                 hpicfRipngPacketSrcType inetaddresstype no-access
The address type for hpicfRipngPacketSrc.
                 hpicfRipngPacketSrc inetaddress no-access
The IPv6 address of an inbound packet that cannot be identified by a peer instance. Only IPv6 addresses without a zone index are expected.
                 hpicfRipngIfState integer no-access
RIPng interface state types. Enumeration: 'down': 2, 'up': 1.
The compliance statement for HP routing switches that support RIPng.
This group lists the basic scalars that are required for the RIPng configuration.
This group lists the interface configuration of RIPng systems.
A collection of objects that lists peer information.
A collection of objects that are used to record RIPng notification parameters.
A collection of objects that lists RIPng notifications.