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Object Name OID Type Access Info
This MIB module is for exposing Avaya Aura Session Manager inventory information via SNMP GET.
Postgres connection failure(Minor)
Postgres Integrity/Proctocol Violation(Minor)
Postgres invalid transaction failure(Minor)
Postgres insufficient resource failure(Minor)
Postgres resource issues failure(Minor)
Event 2057 Virtual disk degraded(Major)
Event 2048 Device failed(Major)
Event 2056/2076 Virtual disk failed(Major)
Event 2080/2083 Physical disk failed(Major)
Event 2107 Smart configuration change(Major)
Power Supply sensor Power Unit - Redundancy Lost(Major)
Power Supply sensor Power Supply [1 or 2] - (Power Supply AC lost | Failure detected) Asserted(Major)
Drive Slot sensor Drive [0 or 1] - Drive Present Deasserted(Major)
Drive Slot sensor Drive [0 or 1] - In (Critical | Failed) Array Asserted(Major)
Drive Slot sensor Drive [0 or 1] - Rebuild Aborted Asserted(Major)
Power Supply/Fan/Overheating alarms(Major)
HP hard drive alarms(Major)
HP RAID alarms(Major)
HP Memory alarms(Major)
RAID Battery alarms(Major)
RAID Controller alarms(Major)
Postgres IO/Internal errors(Minor)
Postgres connection/indexing issues(Minor)
Event 2163 Rebuild completed with errors(Major)
Event 2270/2272/2273 Disk media errors(Major)
EventID 2282 Hot spare SMART polling failed(Major)
EventID 2307 Bad block table is full. Unable to log block(Major)
Event2347/2348/2349 Physical disk rebuild failures(Major)
EventID 2350 There was an unrecoverable disk media error during the rebuild(Major)
EventID 1354 Power supply detected a failure Sensor location PS [1 or 2](Major)
EventIDs 2102/2103 Temperature reading errors(Major)
EventID 2169 The controller battery needs to be replaced(Major)
EventID 2268 Storage Management has lost communication with the controller(Major)
EventID 2289/2299 Multi-bit ECC error / Bad Phy(Major)
Event 2320/2321 DIMM Single-bit ECC error.(Major)
EventID 2340 The BGI completed with uncorrectable errors(Major)
Drive Slot sensor Drive [0 or 1] - Predictive Failure Asserted(Major)
Drive Slot sensor Drive [0 or 1] - Drive Fault Asserted(Major)
Ambient Temp Upper Critical going high(Major)
Planar (3.3,5,12)V Upper Critical going high(Major)
Planar (3.3,5,12)V Lower Critical going low(Major)
Planar VBAT Lower Critical going low(Major)
Fan Tach Lower Critical going low(Major)